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Mike Finn 1 month ago
Frustrating but much better to let it go and move on. I hope the next one flies.
Me too, next up is Final Girls for slasher stories.
Darth Pedant 1 month ago
I've tried a couple Chanda Hahn books over the years, and they were both poorly edited messes. Her high average Goodreads ratings baffle me (and even some of the favorable reviews complain about the editing). She self pubs, and I would bet money she got her bestseller status in one of those scammy multi-author box sets they use to game the lists. At least when big publishers game the lists the books have been professionally edited. :/
It's difficult to tell on Audio if it's the writing or the delivery of lines by the's probably both, though. I'm going to listen to The Girl in Red by Christina Henry instead for the Grimm Square, at least I know I've liked a few of her books already.
Darth Pedant 1 month ago
I hope that one works out better for you! :)