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Familiar Diversions 5 years ago
You may just have a different edition on your shelves. I've accidentally shelved stuff twice because I had an "orphaned" edition on my shelves and didn't realize it until later.
I have that issue, too. Also, the comparison feature sometimes drives me mad because if we don't shelve the same version, I get a list of books I've read or they have read with the scores empty on one side because it doesn't recognize that it is the same book.
i only get one version of this book when i put in "apocalypse codex" - and from what i can tell i didn't have a previous version on my shelves when i checked.

i'm wondering if there was some sort of weird duplication, and a copy that i had shelved got deleted or something?
Maybe? To be honest, I track actual editions over on Goodreads because I find it way,way easier to figure it out over there and to tell if I have multiple version shelved. Here I'm just like "Yup, that's the book I'm reading."