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Wow. That looks GREAT!

what the photo fails to capture (blame low lighting) is the sheer amount of glitter.

thank god for makeup wipes
Well, one can sort of guess at it (the glitter) -- besides, that's a given with Rocky Horror!
The glitter is mostly pretty optional, none of them really have glittery makeup (at least in the movie). It's just a good accent. My lipstick is literally encrusted with glitter, and there's a decent amount ontop of the eyeshadow (and then everywhere else as fallout)
Yes, I guessed at the glitter in / on your lipstick (though it *was* a guess). I haven't been to that many Rocky Horror events, but those I've been to, most people were using glitter ...
were they using glitter, or was it using them? cause we are talking about glitter here... :D
True. Though it *looked* like they were using it ... (but then things aren't exactly always they way they look).
BrokenTune 5 years ago
This is fantastic!
Awesome. I hope you had fun going back, even if it is only a one-time/temporary/once in a while thing.
I don't do late nights as well as I did when I was 20. Course I also am not as skinny as I was when I was 20, which is why my beautiful screen accurate costumes don't fit quite as well anymore.

Guess it's the good thing I'm the type of lady who accumulates corsets so I just happened to have some reasonable substitutes kicking around. :D

It was a blast. Rocky is this incredible safe space community made up of barely dressed people who get in really close and personal, who are all united by something resembling a love of a odd movie.
That's awesome. I wouldn't be comfortable being that close to barely dressed people myself. I have seen screenings of the movie, but that's about it.