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Familiar Diversions 5 years ago
I feel the same. It's to the point where, if I feel like sitting down and doing an hour or two of volunteer database maintenance, I stick to LibraryThing, because anybody can make changes there. Here, I just edit whatever I've most recently read and move on.
i often attack it when i'm trying to add books to my to-read or currently reading and get frustrated by not being able to find a book i know SHOULD be there. in this specific case i was trying to add the later books in Elliott James' Pax Arcana series... most of which are listed as being by James Elliott (OK, I can see how that happened), with some really absurd duplication of titles... and most of the extraneous duplication are these REALLY shitty entries - like all the details (publisher, pub date, language) in as part of the title.

the fact that i'm a degree holding librarian just makes being a site librarian a bit more of a want
Familiar Diversions 5 years ago
Yeah, I try to remind myself that, if I want full power over a library catalog, I already have that at my workplace. But it is definitely irksome to know that there's a problem in the BL catalog and to have to wait for any fix I make to eventually go through.

I remember when BookLikes first announced the creation of the "librarian" status, there was at least one comment to the effect of "Does being an actual real-world librarian count for anything?" I don't know if BL ever responded to that one.
That may have in fact been me asking :D

And no, I never got a response on that one.
Debbie's Spurts 5 years ago
I thought changes in LibraryThing only got made to your own catalog of books and not to their database?
Familiar Diversions 5 years ago
Some changes are only on your own catalog, while others are applied to the catalog as a whole. As far as I know (at least, no one's slapped my wrist for anything yet), anything you change in "Edit your book" is something that's changed in your own catalog only. If you change something on the book's main page (like "Original language"), it's applied to the database as a whole. Also, stuff like fixing disambiguation errors. And anyone can add a cover image and have it "stick" and be usable right away, whereas changing an incorrect cover here involves waiting until a librarian pushes it through.