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Debbie's Spurts 4 years ago
I liked Smashing Pumpkins in the movie "Rat Race."
The one song I like by them is the one I sometimes think is a Monster Magnet song. Internet research says that's Bullet with Butterfly Wings. Don't ask me why but "The world is a vampire/set to drain" makes me think of "plant a bomb your temple of your dreams" from Temple of Your Dreams by Monster Magnet
Oh, I can think of lots of music that would have the same effect, including some music I'm really fond of (and music I'm fond of that has bagpipes, like Cu Dubh). I just really don't like most Smashing Pumpkins, I find Billy Corgan's vocals to be far too nasal and really grating to listen to. The description above suffers from a bit of hyperbole, but it made my husband and I laugh way too hard.
Man, if you called that "music to slit your wrists by" what do you think of the emo rock bands?

And I'm trying REALLY hard not to take the joke and make it worse considering your inclusion of Nirvana i the list.