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Love this! I agree about the dwarves too. After watching the movie, I realized how different certain things are in the book. The dwarves in the book are more likely to send someone else (Bilbo) out to risk his neck instead of risking their own.
yeah, the changes in the movie honestly are largely pulled from canon and just moved around a bit (except the whole tauriel thing... she'd be awesome if she wasn't used for a love triangle, and would be way better off with out legolas in there at all)

the dwarfs at the beginning of the book are pretty much condescending dicks to bilbo
they're not necessarily lacking courage as the book goes on... but they're definitely more noble about everything in the movies. on the other hand, the movie gave them personalities. and made some of them really hot.
Lillelara 4 years ago
Lovely post! And I´m 100% with you about the dwarves. They are not a likeable bunch in the beginning of the book.
Btw, I love the illustrations in your post. They are so pretty.
I'm reading the Alan Lee illustrated edition, so I'm pulling from that for images
Honestly, I had too. But I remember as a kid picking up the fact that this band of dwarfs were basically gypsies. It was listening to Olsen's lecture about how we're expected to suspend disbelief and citing the dwarf's lack of martial awareness that made me look closer because I was sure there was a reason for said lack of awareness. I'm enjoying the Olsen lectures... but I'm finding I have objections to key points.

I actually did quick research to verify that yes, Thorin does specifically have fighting in his backstory. I knew the white orc shit in the movie was based something he or his father did, and had to review.
Even if I disagreed with what he said - it did make me look closer, like in this case re-affirm that there just might be a reason they're not heavily armed warriors.