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There is literally NO REASON for him to be licking her neck at this point, there isn't even any overstated pangs of lust/attraction. They've been interacting about as well as two wet cats in a bag.

Though I suppose he could be a vampire. That always is a possibility.
Debbie's Spurts 4 years ago
"love interest" might not be best way to put it. This is one series that got so intense and drew me in and then lost me several books later. More violence, questionable-con and even rape (not particularly graphic/explicit) than I normally like -- but that surprisingly wasn't why I lost interest. Partway through this first book I was very hooked and it was all engrossing.

I just have a very short threshold for mucking about endlessly trying to figure out how far M.C. can trust some characters, follow clues, wondering maps/streets/dimensions type of things. And some much later introduced characters really annoyed me (Dani O'Malley character generally popular with fans of this series who gets her own spinoff series was like fingernails on a chalkboard for me).
yeah... i'll totally accept that "love interest" will probably not be the best description? lust magnet maybe?

i'm reading this as a bookclub pick - the Vaginal Fantasy Bookclub has this one and Rosemary & Rue for this month
I started this and couldn't finish. If I remember correctly, that is Barron, and from what I understand, he is the love interest.
yeah, it's Barron.
Maybe Debbie is right and it's not LI, but I didn't even get that far. From what I gather, he is the main male role in this series. I guess that's what you'd call him. The fans go nuts for him. They love him as a romantic interest type person.
i suppose i shouldn't be surprised

but to me that bolded passage out of that long excerpt makes no fucking sense to me (beyond the fact that his reactions are overdone and antagonistic beyond any need).

we're now getting into bits where she spends a paragraph describing her clothes. hopefully this doesn't get as bad as it does in Jasmine Yalehorn's books...

and i'm not sure i'm actually buying that she has dark bruising around her ribs from the above encounter. arms are wide enough and we're talking about a decent amount of surface area... i mean i've totally gotten fabric burns from sparring in judo, and while no one there was attempting to prevent me from expanding my lungs (lady, learn to breath w/out expanding your chest... it's not that fucking hard to do...), you need a bit more extended of an experience to bruise i'm thinking
Debbie's Spurts 4 years ago
I almost DNF'ed after first two chapters. I only started because kept seeing in local Barnes and Noble and clearly popular. But I had a friend insisting I should go a little farther, groups/book clubs I belonged to absolutely slobbering over— and I did get hooked fur several books. (Helped that I was able to read via library borrow so was free)

@Grim--I don't think you'd like much of it at all. Lots of squishy lust. And M.C. is slow n the uptake for all kinds of things and folk. And murky who good guys and bad guys are. One of the Fae reminded me a bit if Deadpool but a very brief appearance.

I've heard rumors of graphic novel adaptations. I think you might enjoy a graphic novel based in the Dani O'Malley ones "Burned" (Dani goes gung-ho after all kinds of people with all kinds of weapons where I can see that making a good graphic novel). I can see some really creative art coming of trying to depict the Fae and other beings and dimensions in these books.
hahaha "squishy lust"
Which one? PM me if you'd rather, but I want to read the Deadpool fae. If you name them, I can Google the book their in. Yay!
Debbie's Spurts 4 years ago
I just meant one of the Fae appearances in Darkfever made me think of Deadpool. Partly because you never knew what was up with the character, what sexual things might ensue (would likely do it with anything even really strange creatures although this book had no robots), what they would do in the blink of an eye that the others would think twice about or even condemn ...
I'm still going to think of him as Deadpool-Fae. Sighs. I'll have to try to read this for them, then. And I remember really not liking this book. But if anything reminds anyone of DP, I'll give it a try!
Debbie's Spurts 4 years ago
I'd suggest you wait for the graphic novels--not because you read a lot of comics but because the Fae in first book are pretty non-existent and pretty vague if strange and series takes forever to get anywhere with lots of lust and dead ends despite how hooked I initially was. Graphic novels should move at faster piece and have really interesting art with action scenes...

For some reason, I saw Deadpool costumes in that, and went, no, nope, not gonna happen. But I was laughing at myself.
Familiar Diversions 4 years ago
I think I stopped after this book, in large part because the dynamic between those two characters really bothered me. Also, there were elements that reminded me a bit too much of later LKH for my tastes.
Debbie's Spurts 4 years ago
There's surprisingly little actual sexual intercourse or romance. Which just means that I don't think it's LKH sex-fest style. But with all the weird critters running around with "ardeur" type of magic and all the wet-panty (and some unfortunately memorable panty-dropping instances) moments of M.C. -- I can certainly see why you might flash to some Merry Gentry moments.

Barron reminded me a lot of Barnabas from b&w Dark Shadows if Barnabas had been slightly more kickass versus having Willie and others do his dirty work for him ( and if less eager to be human)—and a bit of Quentin from Dark Shadows come to think of it. If you think that cross makes for a "hot" male lead (...okay, back in preteen days maybe I did lust for B. and Q. a bit with all their dark mysterious-ness...).
Familiar Diversions 4 years ago
I think it was the mix of darker tone and sex/sexual situations (particularly without any sort of more pleasant emotional connection) that reminded me of later LKH. Good to hear the series didn't get to her level of sex-fest, but just the hint that it might turned me off.
Debbie's Spurts 4 years ago
Mac and Barron were often in a very fascinating bookstore he owned. Which initially gave me very high hopes for series. The bookstore at least kept my interest throughout series...