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going through it chapter by chapter really brings things out - like my disappointment in rivendell stands out even more when compared directly to the music and environments captured so well elsewhere. i mean, don't get me wrong, i think rivendell is lovely, but... it's lacking soul. the only life there is our horribly behaving dwarfs. here we have grit and experience
A Bit Bookish 4 years ago
Lovely post! :] I was actually wondering if they carried him around on their backs in the movie, haha.
so... spoiler for the movie

the dwarfs have come into the clutches of the goblins. the goblins are so focused on the hated dwarfs (who are also fighting back) that the smaller and less conspicuous Bilbo ducks down and lets the horde flow over him. He then encounters a lone goblin, they tussle, and he falls right down to Gollum's domain.
A Bit Bookish 4 years ago
That definitely works better for the movie. It's all good, I've had everything spoiled already for like all the movies, haha. They'll still be enjoyable though.
Great post! Thanks.