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I guess it's just a case of "beware of what you ask for" for the publisher.
Carpe Librum 4 years ago
I can deal with disappointing a publisher. It's when I know the author is awaiting my review - or even just that they will see it - that I am hesitant. I have actually put in a review that a book incited a 'meh' reaction for me. I agree with Susanna, they asked for it.
Oh yeah, when I'm in direct communication with the author I always feel guilty about strongly negative reviews.
Not every book is going to be good enough to inspire some words, it happens. A rating and putting up anything at all is spreading the word and giving the book attention which is sometimes all publishers or authors want.
For the big publishing houses I do try to follow through. I'd rather not be blacklisted by Penguin RandomHouse for example.

The most recent publisher is one that I'm actually OK with not getting any more. I failed to realize when I requested that they specialize in "inspirational" (religious) fiction. Which is something I eschew
I hated a novella so much recently that I emailed the publicist for the book, thanked them for the book (I has received a physical copy) and told them that the book upset me so much that out of appreciation for having been considered to review the book I would not be posting my review. It seemed to be fine because I recently received another book from them to review.