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Debbie's Spurts 4 years ago
To play devil's advocate, maybe large breasts enclose swim bladders or some of the mermaid tail scales are like a kids lift-a-flap book? -- I know, overthinking!
they explicitly state that the vagina is above their tails - with it supposedly being clearly visible.
Gregor Xane 4 years ago
Char's Horror Corner 4 years ago

How can you have your vajajay just hanging out there for all kinds of plankton and whatnot to swim into?
i think i'm more stuck on the line where it literally says that one mermaid has her head between the other's legs. HOW DOES THAT WORK? They're mermaids.
Sarah's Library 4 years ago
I thought that was the whole point of mermaids, no legs only tails. Hasn't the author seen The Little Mermaid?!
I would not read this in a million years, but your updates are priceless.
i'm glad someone's enjoying this.

i enjoy WELL WRITTEN naughty fiction. and I've been spoiled by some phenomenal writers. i think this leads me to be a bit critical of poor execution, because there's so much of it. i don't know what it is about romance/erotic romance/erotica that lends itself to such enthusiastic use of abysimal troupes and euphamisms.
How would one go all lickity split n a mermaid? Now I am thinking. And the cyclops thing from more recent, I can not get the image of his single eye rolling back in pleasure at the climax of the sexy times!
Bark at the Ghouls 4 years ago
It's best not to think think too hard about these things :)