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Moonlight Snowfall 4 years ago
Which book is it?

I agree - it does definitely suggest "special snowflake."
tithe by holly black
Moonlight Snowfall 4 years ago
Hm. Yes, I have a friend who really likes Holly Black, although I'm not sure Tithe is one she likes. She likes the Curse Workers series - has recommended it to me several times.
Debbie's Spurts 4 years ago
Yes, screams special snowflake to me, too. But, even special snowflake or other "formula"/tropes can shine in the hands of a talented author if reimagined.

I have no idea about Holly Black's talent (or her books which I have never read, sampled or heard of until now).

Most of the "special snowflake" (particulalry YA) really get in my nerves and turn into DNF books. Defntiely something to glance at the sample if curious before investing time or money into the book.