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No spoilers, please. I hate crowds>I love Deadpool so I'm not seeing it until tomorrow. I've been asking everyone I know for no spoilers.

And good job on getting them up and about and to the theater!
i was happy i had paid to go by the opening credits. anything beyond that will exist as an outside link with very clear warnings.

with tomorrow as a holiday there still is a good chance of crowds at the theater, so i do wish you luck. also, at least around here, most of the school have break this week. good luck. i hope you find limited crowds and enjoy the movie
Last I checked, not that many people have claimed seats Well, if there are, I'll see it again when it comes out on DVD...
So far not many seats at the 9:30 AM showing have been taken. *crossing fingers*

And I'll be up for hours by then even thought I'm not working. Yay!
oh, 9:30AM? yeah, there won't be many kids there, cause all the high school students who'd want to see it will be sleeping in.
I was hoping so, which is why I picked that time.
Char's Horror Corner 4 years ago
Hope you enjoy it!