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Agreed on the followers thing.. I loved this book/series, but it obviously was something about this series that hit me just right.

I love reading mid-to-negative reviews of books I like. They make me think a little more about why I liked it, especially despite issues that I agree with. (One of my favorite reviews of House of Leaves was like, yes, this is all right - and I still love it despite this scathingly sarcastic review.)
I'm hoping my teens like it (hell, I know it's one of the teen's favorite series, so I can count on that), it makes for much richer book discussion. I find the mid-star reviews the best to read as well, they tend to be more informative than a 5 or 1 star, and when looking for collection development or other reasons that matters a lot.
Honestly a lot of one star reviews can be much more informative to me. I know I have trouble writing 3 stars, because I'm usually like, 'eh, I can't muster up that much energy about this book, so...'

Give me a five star twenty-five page comic and I can go on all day. Same with books that are, say, Transformers: Retribution. I really wrote a long one star review that got cranky-but-informative about everything that went wrong. (I think. It seemed to make sense to people who read it, so, yes?)

Three star reviews can be hit or miss for me, but then again same with any review. If a one star review of a book I love is clever, and/or snarky and/or informative, I can find it much more thought provoking than a three star review.

If a three star review is any or all of those things, same for that. Much like books, I take reviews on a case-by-case basis. I also find if I'm in sync with someone can make a difference. Like my friend said of EW that there were two reviewers for movies, and she'd pretty much know if she'd like a movie based on if they did or not. One was almost always in sync with what she'd like, and one was not. If the first liked something, she'd go see it. If the second didn't like something, she'd go see it.

Anyway, my whole point was you made a lot of really good points that I agree with in general. I really want to reread these books now, because I really did like them. But I want to think more about why I liked them when I reread them. Thank you!