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Nalo is one of the loveliest authors I've had the pleasure of meeting.

Which, this is one of my favorite books. Must reread sometime. I'm glad to see her books around her, and not just on my shelf. In my opinion, she is under read.
I'm kicking myself for not being aware of her earlier. Looks like not too long ago NetGalley even had a new story collection by her available that I passed on. /sigh
I met her at Readercon when she was the guest of honor. I have her and Charles Stross' autograph in one of the programs! Together. It's actually kinda neat.
I'll have to see what my schedule is like around Readercon, I couldn't make Boskone this year (again) because working every Saturday fucks with my ability to attend conventions. Stross is on my list of top authors I want to meet but for whom there are significantly limited opportunities (Sheri S. Tepper is another one).
Stross was/may have been? there one year only, as he was the co-guest of honor with Nalo. I haven't seen him since.
yeah, i'd have to check and not assume. but he seems to attend Boskone the past few years
Also, I don't see everyone all the time. He may have been back and I haven't gone to any of the panels or anything.