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i am doing the audio book, so maybe that helps?

i want to drop kick her son though. "you chose saving the galaxy over me!!!!"

in the wise words of Peter Quill on why he'd want to save the galaxy "Because I'm one of the idiots who lives here."

I'm not a huge fan of Wendig's writing style, and I knew that from the WoD rule books I have (where his abrupt style is even MORE apparant). The overall plot of the story to me hasn't been really an issue (I'm only on disc 2), it's nothing particularly unique at this point. But I don't think how it's being told is done well, and nothing is drawing me in to any of the characters. I thought portraying Norra's PTSD was alright.
also, her son is written in many ways like he's older than he is, he's coming across as if he's been living entirely on his own... and with the scope of his business i'm not buying it.