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You Go Girly!
People have been very creative about the "read in a boat, tent, or cabin" category. Isn't there something you could listen to as an audiobook on your way to work (or wherever)? You're so close to finishing; it would be a shame not to after all!
i also realized i forgot to put something in the any thing goes square, since I haven't been able to fit all the stuff i've read into bingo. :D

i'm really not sure what i'd use for 'tent/boat/cabin', though i suppose i could use weekend for vacation? when i use my (very limited) vacation time i'm generally incredibly busy on that day (last two uses - running a LARP and then attending a life-long friend's wedding)
Well, I'm not participating in this (just enjoying everybody else's updates and reviews), so I shouldn't be the one to talk here, but I've seen others using a weekend off as "vacation", so that seems to be OK. As for the "anything goes" square, did you do an intro post? Some folks seem to be using that.
what are these "weekends off" you speak of? i work every sat (all my vacation time since starting this job has gone to having the occasional saturday off), but i do have sunday and monday off (the days the library is closed)

i never put anything in the free space. as i've said, there's a good handful or two of books that could go there.
I thought you were referring to a weekend off when you said weekend. Anyway, with your schedule, I'd consider "Sunday" the equivalent of "weekend" ... ;)
I can't do that one and am planning "read with a flashlight" instead.