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And I hope it's the good trashy!
Portable Mistletoe 3 years ago
It looks deliciously trashy
Oh, it is very trashy.

I may have to start posting quotes if I'm near a computer while reading. It's... oh god.
Please do!!
"Come on, Morgan. Take me home. I'll give you a glass of brandy and let you debunk me."

(the Morgan in question doesn't believe in witches)
That doesn't bode well ... :D
::gets popcorn::

Looks like the good trashy, yep.
"Wanna take this big boy out to play?" she suggested. "Does he have a name, by the way?"
"I never named him, but someone else did."
"Oh, yeah? What'd she call him?"
"It's a stupid name."
"Try me."
"Mr. Majestic."
Storm chuckled. "Was she drunk at the time?"
"I resent that."
"I'll call him Mage for short. It's a good nickname. It means wizard or magick."

Yeah. This is a book where magic is spelled with a K.

Also, there's stuff about stones and energy and enhancing their sex with them in combination.
Ok, this made me laugh and it's supposed to make me laugh:

"Come on, I'm all cramped up in here."
"It's called a boner."

(context, he's naked, cuffed to the bed, and she's driving the motorhome)