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before going to the plantation they were also in the city... which means crazy amounts of noise pollution that tend to belong to 'day' or 'night' classifications. moving out to the plantation, even if light detection isn't viable, may cause some confusion since the noises are different... but yeah
Twilight still strikes me as Buffy fanfic (at least the first book does)
so Buffy and Angel have a few mysterious encounters before they get all close, including him coming out of nowhere to help her kill other vamps. but during all that he's been also lurking in her window at night watching her sleep. there's a lot of vampire self-loathing.

i'm not saying that my claim is super strong, but that's what it's always felt like to me.
Portable Mistletoe 3 years ago
I remember being astounded at the book, which was the first I'd encountered where the vampires were the protagonists. I suspect that if I read this now with my adult sensibilities, I might feel differently about it.

Also, while the movie had some flaws, the casting was great. Brad Pitt was such a pretty, pretty man. And Kirsten Dunst was amazing.
yeah - it's definitely worth remembering that this book came out when we weren't up to our ears in dangerously sexy vampires
Yes -- rereading this and the second book in the series ("The Vampire Lestat"), and to a certain extent also No. 3, "The Queen of the Damned," really makes you weep over how (1) her writing and (2) the woman herself has gone to seed. I won't touch anything she's publishing now with a ten foot pole, but those three books routinely have me going "those were the days" ...

And I agree re: the movie. I'd read the books before the movie was released, but I've never been able to think of either Lestat, Louis or Claudia other than the way they were portrayed by Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Kirsten Dunst ever since. And Antonio Banderas made for a great Armand, as well, even though he's leagues from Anne Rice's "Boticelli angel" Armand!