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Heh. I would love to see a bit in a book thanking their "kink consultant"!
I've also been spoiled. I've encountered some VERY good erotica writers over the years.

Yeah, sex and orgasm totally is often a thing in scenes at some point, but this author seemed to think that it was the whole point. I'm also really not impressed by an author who thinks their hot intro kink scene is strapping someone and hitting them 15 times with a paddle and then they get off. It's a bit of a let down imho.
and just b/c i forgot to mention this in a or other snippet...

condoms ARE used in the book... but never for penetration. like she puts a condom on him if she's going to give him a handjob but doesn't want to mess up his clothes.... but uses nothing for all the other penetration going on.
Debbie's Spurts 3 years ago
The inconsistent condom use is just wrong. I don't have to have detailed safe sex or birth control protection in erotica or romance but if you detail use of it, consistently use it.

As to "affirmative reviews" *snort* -- although I give a lot of leeway to Library Journal in that they seem choosey about reviewing books where not everything makes the cut. Professional/commercial review publication hard to get into. Not intended to be a review-by-just-a-reader type of review nor appearing in that section of websites (but don't even get me started on so called reader-reviews where the site insists only 4-star and 5-star reviews can post but feel they keep it "honest" by permitting 1- to 3- star reviews to be privately emailed to publisher/author).

Sorry for mini off-topic rant. Just saw another site's TOS wanting "honest" reader reviews but prohibiting anything below 4 or 5 stars.
Not sure if I worded it right...with LJ, if they wouldn't recommend it at all, it just doesn't get a published review. So what I meant by "affirmative" is if they publish a review of it it's at least somewhat recommended. I've read reviews of this book and on her other works, and people tend to like her.
Debbie's Spurts 3 years ago
Oh I worded mine badly, too, because I didn't mean it as a rant against Library Journal. It's a publication with specific purpose and shouldn't be covering books they wouldn't recommend. I even get sites like Buzzfeed insisting on positive reviews; that's the purpose of the site and they never pretend otherwise.

I was just knee jerking at "affirmative reviews" or "positive reviews only" on sites trying to say have/want "honest reviews from readers" yet have conditions/practices restricting any that are not book promotional (or even going so far as to consider anything under four stars to be book bullying even if not using the Amazon scale of you only liked the book if rating four or more stars...).
Where does one apply for the job of kink consultant? That sounds better than my current job.
Debbie's Spurts 3 years ago
What would the training period or apprenticeship for kink consultant involve?
I believe there's a series with an S&M setting that has a resident on-set consultant dominatrix.