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Metal infused? Yummy.
actually ore like metal possessed. and she has some sort of mental metal magic.

it could be cool i guess, but the writing isn't selling me on it at all.

he DOES have a clockwork heart though, something about that and i guess being a demon means instead of rejecting it his body is trying to transmute to platinum? idk.
It's super awesome that the writing makes it clear, though :/
i'm pretty early on at this point. reading it for a review site b/c it won a RITA award last year.

it feels very much like it's going to get all sorts of ridiculous in regards to the romance and sex
Meh? I'll just stick with IDWs Transformers series for my romance/porn...
i bet it Transformers will be better written
Well, seeing as MTMtE is one of my favorite books, bar none, and that I've reread it what, four or more times in the past couple years - and that I find something new every single time, yeah, probably. Then again, Roberts is an absolute genius, plans years in ahead and seeds with panels that seem completely innocent - and hilarious - and then two years later you're reading a new comic and, right, that.

Yeah, almost nothing is written better than MTMtE.
Tannat 3 years ago
What kind of metal?
various, but platinum seems to be the main one.
Tannat 3 years ago
It could be interesting, I guess, but I'm picturing him stealing metal from his surroundings....