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She saw him going sideways through a tavern door, and was able to assess his ass?
3 years ago
I'm sorry but coming upon this review I read your comment first with no context and nearly choked on my water. I want a book of your quotes Susanna. LOL
She's superhuman and can see through his front?
Tannat 3 years ago
That's more or less what I was thinking.
Sorry, that lacked context. It's his comment on her ass. She's sitting when they come into the tavern, then she walks up to the table.
Then I got nuthin'.
I m trying this too. Not going well for me either.
So I was lazy and didn't bother with edition, but I'm actually doing the audio book, and the narrator is trying to do this pirate accent and it's not entirely successful.
Does the narrator say "Arr!"?