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Debbie's Spurts 3 years ago
LOL, and I used to whine that my local library did mostly just audiobooks via overdrive (had to pay to use next county's overdrive).
Yeah. I'm mostly frustrated that out of several hundred libraries these aren't available, even with access to our consortia's OverDrive, the state library's OverDrive AND their Hoopla. It's like "come on, what is our excuse?" since I'm admittedly spoiled with my access to library resources.
Murder by Death 3 years ago
Could be worse: you could hear about all these great sounding audiobooks only to look them up and see "Sorry, this audio isn't available in your country". :-|

But I do understand the frustration; it's amazing, with all the titles we have access to now, how hard they can make it to access them.
Yeah, I know I"m spoiled. I'm also just annoyed at the difficulty of finding book one in a sf/f series on audio. I tried a half dozen or so today, before giving up and requesting a book I"ve already read as audio.