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Murder by Death 2 years ago
I've only read the first one - Finn Fancy Necromancy - but it's a US based UF with some diversity (probably not enough; now I can't remember, lol). A lot of fun too.
There definitely is US published diverse UF, heck, Bone Street Rumba by Daniel Jose Older. I was more talking about what I'm encountering in my entirely random selections.
Wanda's Book Reviews 2 years ago
I certainly noticed what you reference in Ben Aaronovitch's fiction. Can you suggest some other UK authors? I'd like to broaden my horizons in urban fantasy.
Yeah, Rivers of London is one of the examples. I'm also in the first few chapters of London Falling by Paul Cornell where at least two of the four main characters are non-white, and in neither case was it revealed by talking about their appearance. In one case one dropped into an accent playing on what people would expect him to sound like, in the other case the guy is dealing with the stresses of being a undercover cop and a PoC, plus the fact that some of his supervisors seem to think the's a bit of a "token" employee (there's reference to one of them making a quip that since he's gay and black, they should get a grant or something). Not sure if we can still call Gaiman a British author, but both American Gods and Anansi Boys feature non-white main characters.

Again, this is far from a survey, but it struck me that when picking up random, major publishing house UF that I have a decent chance of coming across a non-white protagonist from British novelists vs from a US novelist. It could also be heavily luck of the draw, because I don't read enough fiction from across the pond as it were.
Wanda's Book Reviews 2 years ago
Thanks! I read London Falling last year and plan to read the 2nd book in the series soon. Gaiman in on the horizon as well.