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Debbie's Spurts 6 years ago
Nope, I would grant no slack. Published is published. And whichever adult agreed to the terms when uploading or submitting for publishing needs to be handling the fallout for the underage teenager. At her age, she cannot even have an amazon nor a goodreads account without adult permission and supervision. I would just be scrupulously honest when expressing my opinion or not bother at all - although I might censor cuss words by replacing with milder expletives.
yeah, one of my friends who actually gets paid to write reviews feels the same. she put it as she is responsible to the readers not the writer, and reminded me that there is (supposed to be) an editor who's job it is to look for glaring issues.

perhaps even issues like the book claiming that in CO there's no law against minors getting tattoos (which there isn't... as long as their parent or guardian is there to give permission... two girls on their own doesn't count)