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Richard Yates is a new author to me. He sounds interesting. Where do you recommend I start?
Lillelara 1 year ago
Revolutionary Road! It´s Yates´ first book and it´s supposed to be his masterpiece. He struggled all his life with the fact that his first book was the most critically acclaimed. That is one of the reasons why I´m reading his books in the chronological order, since I´m curious if Revolutionary Road (which is excellent, btw) is the best one out of the whole bunch.
Thanks. I'll take a look at that.
BrokenTune 1 year ago
Wow. I have this one, too. Looking forward to it. Was Yates one of those few authors who could master both the novel and the short story formats?
Lillelara 1 year ago
I guess he is. The stories are beautifully crafted and I wished that some of the stories were longer, just because I didn´t want to leave the characters. I think that is the overall problem I have with short story collections. If I like a story, I just want to sink my teeth into it for a longer amount of time.
Awogfli - Bookcroc 1 year ago
Revolutionary road ist super!