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isanythingopen 12 months ago
I like Wyndham, but maybe I'll pass on this one.
Lillelara 12 months ago
A lot of people seem to love it, so maybe I´m once more the odd one out. But I have the slight suspicion that this book is his weakest work. I will definitely read another one of his books, just because I really liked The Day of the Triffids and I´m not giving up on Wyndham just yet.
Moyas Buchgewimmel 12 months ago
I did like The Day of the Triffids, too. This one doesn't sound interesting though. You should try "The Chrysalids". It's a post-apocalyptic scenario with a hopeful ending and a strong message imho.
Lillelara 12 months ago
Thanks for the recommendation :). I will keep "The Chrysalids" in my mind for my next Wyndham read.
Bark's Book Reviews 12 months ago
At least it was somewhat short.
Lillelara 12 months ago
Yes, thank god it was short. It would surely have been a DNF if it would have been any longer.