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Darth Pony 9 months ago
No book is universally loved, including the revered classics, and lots of people understand that. But I still inwardly flinch and wait for the torches and pitchforks to come out every time I admit to loathing Jane Eyre. ;)
BrokenTune 9 months ago
*Gasps in horror.* I'm kidding. I used to love JE before I read The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, after which JE seemed to suffer from sentimental triviality. I still like JE a lot, but it isn't for every one..
Darth Pony 9 months ago
Tenant is sooooo much better! I think I'd like JE more if it had about 200 fewer pages and that douchecanoe Rochester had succumbed to smoke inhalation.
Lillelara 9 months ago
No pitchforks and torches from me ;). I like Jane Eyre (loath Wuthering Heights), but compared to other classics it definitely has it flaws. And anyway, Anne Bronte is the best of the Brontes.
Tannat 9 months ago
I didn't loathe Jane Eyre but I can completely understand being thoroughly annoyed by it. I'll save my pitchfork for another day... :)
Murder by Death 8 months ago
Darth Pony: I'll agree with the 200 fewer pages, but I didn't loath JE - I save that for Orwell. :P
Yeah, I'm OK with Jane, but find Orwell overrated.
Darth Pony 8 months ago
Fair enough. Orwell is pretty loathable. Rather than saying I loathe JE, it's perhaps more accurate to say I didn't care for it and I loathe Rochester, may he burn in literary hell, the rat-bastard.

Also, yay Anne! Best off the Brontes!
Murder by Death 9 months ago
I freely admit to avoiding To Kill a Mockingbird, partly for the same reason, partly because I dislike my reads to be emotionally confronting, and a little out of sheer perverseness; the more someone tells me I must read something, the more I'm disinclined to read it. :)
BrokenTune 9 months ago
"the more someone tells me I must read something, the more I'm disinclined to read it." - Yup. Same here.
Lillelara 9 months ago
Same for me. I had some terrible reading experiences with hyped books... The Essex Serpent *gag*
BrokenTune 9 months ago
Oh, well. Worth a try. There are lots and lots of books that others love that I can't stand either. Not all books work for everyone, not even the oh-so-beloved classics. Don't feel bad. If anything, if I had known that this particular perspective doesn't work for you, I would have mentioned it before you started.
Lillelara 9 months ago
That´s fine, BT :). Now I´m at least 100 percent sure that coming of age stories aren´t for me. It´s actually really nice to learn something new about my reading preferences.
No book is for everyone, that's what I always say.