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BrokenTune 3 months ago
So, Anthony "InfoDump" Horowitz has done it again. What's with the "only an editor could have solved the mystery"? What superpower do editors have?
Lillelara 3 months ago
Well, apparently editors are the only one who are observant enough to get all the clues and who are able to solve the puzzles. Something ridiculous and farfetched like that, I suppose. She says that sentence about editors out of the blue, but she doesn't exactly specify what she means by it.
And unfortunately I can't look it up, because I listened to it on audio.
BrokenTune 3 months ago
Good riddance. Next!
Murder by Death 3 months ago
I hated the only Horowitz book I ever read, but I thought it was because it was a Holmes pastiche and he botched it. I'm guessing now that that is only part of why I didn't like it and I didn't give his writing style enough credit. I'll definitely be avoiding his work.
BrokenTune 3 months ago
I DNF'd Moriarity after about 15 pages.
Murder by Death 3 months ago
House of Silk was the one that killed me. I should have DNF'd it, but it was the only audiobook I had at the time, and I figured if I was doomed to yell at my radio, I might as well yell at Watson and Holmes as the radio DJs that blabber nonstop here. :)
BrokenTune 3 months ago
Ah, good to know House of Silk is a no-go, too.
Char's Horror Corner 3 months ago
Awww, I liked House of Silk. But I'm not a Holmes purist and admittedly do not have high standards in that area, other than the need to be entertained. :)
Murder by Death 2 months ago
I think I was in the minority with House of Silk - I knew a few book friends that loved it. I think some of it was my high expectations were jacked up even higher when I read it was an "authorised" story; I assumed that meant it would be just like Doyle wrote it himself. Naive, I know. :)
My track record with sequels "authorized" by estates is, well, very eh at best. (Ranging from "Scarlet" by Alexandra Ripley in the oh-my-god category, to the authorized sequels to the Lord Peter Wimsey novels, which are OK but very definitely NOT written by Dorothy L. Sayers.)