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BrokenTune 8 months ago
I wish they had let him go to India. Imagine the write up he would have brought back!! The discoveries he would have made!!
Lillelara 8 months ago
That´s true, the scientific discoveries would have been extraordinary and a part of me wishes that he would have been allowed to follow his dream. But based on his character I think he would have ventured into the deathzone without even blinking an eye. So maybe it´s a good thing he wasn´t allowed to go.
BrokenTune 8 months ago
That's true. He would have climbed up there beyond the point he should have. So, maybe it is a good thing he didn't go.
The East India Company controlled enormous swathes of land in India. The British government did not deprive them of their monopoly there until after the Great Indian Mutiny in the 1850s.
Murder by Death 8 months ago
I honestly never got the sense that he wished for more from his relationships with others. To us it seems a bit empty and lonely, and Wulf does mention a few times that he suffered loneliness but it never seemed to be a loneliness stemming from a lack of meaningful relationships.

I get the sense that as long as he could be out in nature doing his measurements, studying every single thing around him, he didn't much care about anything else. Or anyone else (at least not deeply enough to prioritise them). I really think nature was this man's mistress and everyone else was just an acquaintance, and that made him happy.
BrokenTune 8 months ago
I got the same sense as you, MbD, that he wasn't bothered by having or not having relationships with other people that much. To me he seems driven by his quest for knowledge and understanding.