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Tannat 8 months ago
Awesome markers!
Murder, She Reads 8 months ago
aaah your markers so cute!
BrokenTune 8 months ago
That owl. So cute!
Lillelara 8 months ago
Thanks :). I just couldn´t pass up the mummy owl.
Obsidian Blue 8 months ago
That sticker is hilarious.
charlton 8 months ago
That's cute,the mummy owl!
Love your owl -- I think I've said that before. :)

"Square has been called and read" will be a mummy owl in its sarcophagus ...
Lillelara 8 months ago
If I could pull that off that would be awesome :D. Unfortunately I´m not that good when it comes to image editing.
I actually think the image "as is" suggests a sarcophagus already. (You know, symbolic imagery etc. ...) Really using the image of a sarcophagus would probably be too crowded anyway.

I was initially going to say "an owl in its own home", then I thought, "wait, what's a mummy's home? Of course -- a sarcophagus ..."
Lillelara 8 months ago
I like that :). Mummy in sarcophagus it is.
charlton 8 months ago
Called and read - mummy owl in sarcophagus.Sounds good. :)
I love your owl mummy!!
Kitty Horror 8 months ago
Cute stickers! :)
Line Bookaholic 8 months ago
Lillelara 8 months ago
The mummy owl says thank you :D
Line Bookaholic 8 months ago
It has a lot of success indeed :D !!
Char's Horror Corner 8 months ago
LOVE your little owl! (And owls in general!)
Obsidian Blue 7 months ago
Hello owl!
What an adorable little mummy owl!
Tannat 7 months ago
You need to work on getting those mummy owls to overlap with their sarcophagi. ;)
Lillelara 7 months ago
At the moment I´m avoiding the sarcophagi, don´t I? ;)
Tannat 7 months ago
Seems a bit like. :)
Murder by Death 7 months ago
Gah, those owls are ridiculously adorable! :)
Obsession with words 7 months ago
Love your markers. Perfect.
Lillelara 7 months ago
Thank you :)
charlton 7 months ago
If the sarcophagi and owls would line up you'd be in business. :)
Lillelara 7 months ago
I know, my reading is all over the place. But I´m working on it ;)
Obsidian Blue 7 months ago
I love the markers on this!
Portable Magic 7 months ago
omg the little owl mummies
Just one call away from a bingo now, second column from left!
Lillelara 7 months ago
Yes, I know :). I have only three hours left of The Alienist audiobook and the Serial / Spree Killer will get filled. And with the Alien square called, I have only to wait for the call of the Chilling Children.
Fingers crossed -- and here's another wave to the mummy owls! :)
Lillelara 7 months ago
The mummy owls are just dropping by to say how happy they are because of all your lovely comments :D.
Oooh -- the mummy owls are coming home to roost with a vengeance now! "Chilling Children" and you'll finally have your first bingo!
Lillelara 7 months ago
Yes, I´m waiting for that square being called :). I find it fascinating that some players already have two or three bingos and other players, even if they have blacked out their card, still don´t have one.
Three bingos -- wow, who and how did I miss that?

But yes, the pacing of this bingo is certainly ... a bit off.
Lillelara 7 months ago
Or maybe just two? I might be wrong about the three bingos ...
Going by who posted in the "report your bingos" thread, my second bingo (of today) is the first of its kind -- but then, not everybody may be posting there.

And it definitely seems weird that pretty much all of those who have already blacked out their cards are still waiting for their *first* bingos to tumble in.
Tannat 7 months ago
Ack! The mummy owls!
Lillelara 7 months ago
They are forming up a formidable army, aren´t they? ;)
Tannat 7 months ago
Sure are!
2 bingos -- congratulations!
Lillelara 6 months ago
Thanks :)
BrokenTune 6 months ago
Looking great!
2 more bingos -- congrats!
BrokenTune 6 months ago
Tannat 6 months ago
Mummy owls for the win!
Lillelara 6 months ago
Char's Horror Corner 6 months ago
charlton 6 months ago