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Obsidian Blue 9 months ago
Miss Van Schuyler is one of them. Yes. I take it you've yet to come across the one that grates even more, though.
Lillelara 9 months ago
Oh no, I hope it´s not Colonel Race...
Well, maybe it's just me ... I hope so for you!
BrokenTune 9 months ago
Bugger. I also have this audiobook to re-read.
Let's just hope that perceptions differ on this one then!

FWIW, I still like most of what Suchet does with it. Just not those two characters ... particularly Race.
Lillelara 9 months ago
I wonder how Suchet is able to botch up the voice of Colonel Race. I haven´t encountered him just yet.

I always find it fascinating that sometimes with an audiobook my perceptions of certain characters are changing. Take Linnet as an example. The way Suchet narrates her I dislike her immensely and I can´t remember feeling this way while actually reading the book.
I think my perception of Linnet was shaped by the screen adaptations of this book -- in both that I know (the all-star thing with Peter Ustinov as Poirot and the one that's part of the David Suchet TV series) she's portrayed as a spoiled rich girl, so that particular inflection in Suchet's reading didn't surprise me -- though he in turn was probably influenced by his experience from filming that episode.

But, yes, the narrator has an *immense* impact on how a given character comes across. They can make or break a whole audiobook that way singlehandedly.
Bark's Book Reviews 9 months ago
Yikes, remind me not to get that one audio!
It's a shame, really, because Suchet is the perfect Poirot in every conceivable way, and just about every other Christie audiobook he narrates is a sheer delight. "Murder on the Orient Express" in particular is a total riot; he nails every single character, and the women even more so than the men -- obviously with the exception of Poirot himself. So I'm considering this one the exception to the rule. Still, given what is there, I'd have wished he'd have gone a different way with Race and Ms. Van Schuyler ... or they'd have re-recorded the whole thing with Hugh Fraser, who narrates most of the rest of the Christie canon anyway.