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Just a *slight* difference in perception then ... :) I'm glad for you, though, since as from now, Colonel Race has a bit more page time than Mrs. Van Schuyler.
Lillelara 11 months ago
I think I can tolerate the voice, but I´m not loving it. Colonel Race being a secret service agent like James Bond, I imagine a darker, more manly voice. I wonder how Hugh Fraser narrates him in The Man in the Brown Suit.
Totally differently -- much more like we both, I think, would expect him to sound! (Same thing in "Sparkling Cyanide", where Race also appears.)
Lillelara 11 months ago
The Man in the Brown Suit is narrated by a woman and not by Hugh Fraser. Which makes sense, now that I think of it ;).
It´s good to know that Race is depicted better in the other audiobooks :)
Oh yes, right, Emilia Fox, I forgot, and it makes total sense of course -- but anyway, in "Sparkling Cyanide" it's Hugh Fraser, and he makes Race sound very much like the British colonial officer. And yes, I'm glad about that, too!
Lillelara 11 months ago
That sounds great :). I´m really in the mood for working my way through the Christie audiobooks. But only after having actually read the story first. I don´t think I can grasp all the minute details that Christie´s stories have to offer, listening to it without knowing the story beforehand.
Well, either way you have a lot to look forward to! I worked my way through the better part of the audios over the course of this year, and it's been one unmitigated joy!