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Just a *slight* difference in perception then ... :) I'm glad for you, though, since as from now, Colonel Race has a bit more page time than Mrs. Van Schuyler.
Lillelara 7 months ago
I think I can tolerate the voice, but I´m not loving it. Colonel Race being a secret service agent like James Bond, I imagine a darker, more manly voice. I wonder how Hugh Fraser narrates him in The Man in the Brown Suit.
Totally differently -- much more like we both, I think, would expect him to sound! (Same thing in "Sparkling Cyanide", where Race also appears.)
Lillelara 7 months ago
The Man in the Brown Suit is narrated by a woman and not by Hugh Fraser. Which makes sense, now that I think of it ;).
It´s good to know that Race is depicted better in the other audiobooks :)
Oh yes, right, Emilia Fox, I forgot, and it makes total sense of course -- but anyway, in "Sparkling Cyanide" it's Hugh Fraser, and he makes Race sound very much like the British colonial officer. And yes, I'm glad about that, too!
Lillelara 7 months ago
That sounds great :). I´m really in the mood for working my way through the Christie audiobooks. But only after having actually read the story first. I don´t think I can grasp all the minute details that Christie´s stories have to offer, listening to it without knowing the story beforehand.
Well, either way you have a lot to look forward to! I worked my way through the better part of the audios over the course of this year, and it's been one unmitigated joy!