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Dagebüll!!! Now I need to read this book even more, too ...

Wonder how McDowell ever came up with *that*??!!
Lillelara 1 week ago
It´s awesome, isn´t it? I cheered so loud while reading this :D.

Wonder if she ever took the ferry over to Föhr, too? :D
Lillelara 1 week ago
Well, the Wyker Dampfschiff-Reederei has been established in 1885. So it´s possible that they might have gone to Föhr by ferry ;)
That's what I'm thinking, too -- and even before the establishment of the W.D.R., they had to get there and back, so she might have hired a fishing boat ... :D
Lillelara 1 week ago
Yes, but a fishing boat doesn´t have so much style and isn´t so comfortable as a ferry. So I think she would prefer the latter one :).
Of course -- I just meant even if the W.D.R. hadn't been around, she might have found a mode of transportation ... (thinking of Elizabeth of Arnim going from Rügen to Hiddensee, for example)!
Lillelara 1 week ago
Someway or another she would have found a way on the island, I´m sure about that ;).

Reading about Elizabeth von Arnim reminds me that I haven´t read Elizabeth and her German garden yet. I might try to buy the beautiful vintage edition of this book while being in London *making mental note to myself*
Oh, good luck finding that one!
BrokenTune 1 week ago
I told you that you would like the ending! :D LoL.
Lillelara 1 week ago
I loved the ending :D.
And no one has really mentioned it, but I really dig that cover.
BrokenTune 1 week ago
It is a lovely cover, and unlike many other older covers, this one makes a relevant reference to the story.