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Looks like an all around perfect setup! :) What a lovely mug.

And now of course you'll *have* to share whether or not your suspicions on Mr. Brown were correct.
Lillelara 10 months ago
I´m not sure about my inkling. The person I´m thinking about would be the obvious choice, which in an Agatha Christie book means that almost certainly he isn´t the guy we are looking for ;).
BrokenTune 10 months ago
Looks gorgeous. :)
Obsidian Blue 10 months ago
Lovely mug!
Familiar Diversions 10 months ago
I love that mug!
Moonlight Madness 10 months ago
Amazing mug! I'm going to have to check out Tommy & Tuppence at some point.
Lillelara 10 months ago
So far I´m a bit meh about this book. Another one of Christie´s books with an international crime syndicat. These are just so odd.
WhiskeyintheJar Romance 10 months ago
The whole picture is full of delight!