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I find it frustrating when there is no order anywhere, and I can't figure it out -_-

Having it on their website ensures that it's easy to find, and not a bad business decision in my opinion.
Drawing with Words 4 years ago
Agreed. Would it really be that hard to do a solid for your fans?
Yup. And do it as a favor to yourself as an author. I've not bought series for frustration of 'wtf is the order?'

The harder you make it, the more fans you could lose.
Lornographic Material 4 years ago
No, because fuck you, that's why. :)
Yes, I would like to see a series listed in order on there site its frustrating sometimes when there series is really long to keep track especially if you picked up a book later in there series liked it and then need to back track.Some series when you read out of order is still easy to follow others are is a great way to keep track of your series I use them.