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WOW Marq! Impressive goals!! Let me know what I can do to help you reach them!
Love To Read For Fun 3 years ago
Thanks Jen! The continued support is good enough!
Diana (guest) 3 years ago
Crow pose looks intense! My favorite is pigeon pose, really stretches my hips. I need to add more yoga to my routine this year. Good luck with your fitness goals -- impressive!

Diana @ Book of Secrets
Love To Read For Fun 3 years ago
I started taking yoga at the end of the summer and fell in love with it. It challenges my body in ways I didn't think were possible. The first time I was able to lift my big toe slightly off the ground, I knew that I wanted to be able to do the full pose by the end of the year.

I like the pigeon too. It feels soooo good in my hips especially with me jogging. It's a really good stretch.
mlsimmons 3 years ago
Looks like some great goals. I know that I try to walk some during my lunch break (weather permitting). Then I don't have to the treadmill as far when I get home. Good luck!
Love To Read For Fun 3 years ago
I need to get away from my desk more. I think the stress of my job is the cause of some of the recent ailments I've been having. I need to let it go. It's a job. It's not my life.