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I just picked this up on sale. This and the first volume.

I started the first, and I'm a huge mood reader, so I liked the writing but was not in the mood for this. I'm deciding what to read next, but I think I'm still not in the mood for this, so it's off the table for now. I think I burnt myself out of this pairing with the awesomeness that was The Wicked + The Divine volume two for now.
A Bit Bookish 4 years ago
I totally feel you there, I am the exact same way. My bf actually had this assigned for a class he took and when he first gave it to me I just couldn't get into it. Then one chilly, introspective evening I poured a glass of $5 champagne and got real cozy with it, and I fell in love. I don't think I can even explain why I liked it so much, I guess it was just the right time to read it.
I can't really do a proper review of W+D, the other series this writer and artist did. I just love it, and when I try to form proper words that make coherent sentences about why, they all just fall apart.

I know I like this team, I know I like this writing, it just wasn't the right time. Knowing this about me, and that especially certain titles have to be timed right, I put it away. Part of the reason it hasn't been the right time is that I'm on a huge Deadpool kick lately, and I really want to finish his most recent series before I do anything.

I'm sure I'll get to this soon enough.
A Bit Bookish 4 years ago
The Wicked + The Divine is on my list now. :] The used bookstore down the street from where I just moved has the most intense comics/graphic novels section, it's huge! I gotta get into Deadpool. I'm a late bloomer with comics/graphic novels but I nerd just as hard when I find something I love.
Oh, that's sweet! Deadpool is interesting. He knows he's a comic book character, and he references it constantly. (Oh, that happened a couple pages ago. We're wrapping this up and we should have two pages left! Or he talks about storylines and everyone is like, 'what are you talking about?' He mostly goes, 'oh, nothing, it would be too hard to explain.')

If your'e interested, I wrote this:
A Bit Bookish 4 years ago
Yes, that is why I'm so interested in him! I love that kind of humor. And damn this article is extremely helpful, you know your shit! I'm making notes for my next venture to the bookstore.
Thank you, but I'm no real expert. I just read it all and posted what I loved. Some would argue that the classics up until nine are the best, the definitive run. I disagree.

And I meant to do one for another character, but got caught up in Deadpool. Hmmm. Maybe I'll try to piece together two for next Friday!
A Bit Bookish 4 years ago
I do the same thing with the Sherlock stories. When you love something it's easy to look like you're an expert, haha. Woo, go for it!! I'm trying to get back into writing more often. I have a tumblr as well but I always end up posting things like a week after I say I'm going to. I'm a procrastination master.