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Most people I know who have read Rice's work either love her writing, or hate it. It is a bit too chopping for me. And every time I read something by her I can't help but think about how she ruined the Sleeping Beauty tale for me by having the fucked up prince force fuck the princess. Public spanking anyone?
A Bit Bookish 4 years ago
I really love her earlier work, she's a great writer. But some of the newer Vampire Chronicles I couldn't get into. And I wasn't a big fan of the Sleeping Beauty erotica either but then again I'm not a fan of any erotica really, I just feel silly reading it. Although when I worked at the last bookstore every time someone came looking for 50 Shades I told them about the Sleeping Beauty series. People were somehow shocked to learn that BDSM erotica existed before those shitty books.