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Your comment really ticked my curiosity brain into on. Can you expand more on the disconnect in this book's handling of suicide without spoiling anything? Normally I avoid books like this too.
Lydia's Page 9 years ago
I can give you the basic conceit of the book... after a high school girl completes suicide, a box of thirteen cassette tapes she'd made are passed between the thirteen people they were made for. Each tape and each of the thirteen people are presented as a Reason Why the girl decided to kill herself.

I think the author was trying to show the importance of being careful and considerate with each other... but for me, it felt completely unrealistic and petty. And I worry about what we're doing if we're reducing suicide to something that people do to get revenge or stick it to the people who have hurt them.
Thanks for the fast reply.

I am still in the dark as to why this is a bad thing (to me the summary is typical of the common hooks placed in YA books) but the revenge part may be the closest I can get to figuring out the disappointing part without reading the actual book.
I had the same problems with it, as well as the fact that she didn't come across as depressed or suicidal. It felt like she was killing herself to piss people off and make them feel guilty.
Lindsay's Book Log 9 years ago
I hear someone(I can't remember who) saying that the girl in this doesn't sound like she's suicidal. Did you find that to be true?