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...Bookfanatic 5 years ago
Yeah, you know a book has too many sex scenes in it when you're mentally going 'la,la,la,, la, can we get on with it now because I'm bored?'
Ami's Hoard 5 years ago
Hide scene! Very effective function!! Who knows, maybe it will be developed someday by ebook programmers :-)
KindleRomance 5 years ago
I love the idea of hiding "kids behaving badly"! Great idea!
Mammarella 5 years ago
There could be so much more. I am also thinking of Julio Cortázar's "Hopscotch" where you either read the book from page one to the very end in the numerical order of pages or zig-zag across it, skipping chapters and coming back to them later. I wish ebook came with links or hide tags.
I tried reading "Hopscotch" twice and quit twice because of all the page flopping. Finally I just read it straight... and I think I missed out :/