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Ilhem 5 years ago
I don't consider myself bilingual, but the brain cells freeze sometimes. It's an English word that comes in the middle of a French discussion, or I can't remember the English word because it's the French one that stubbornly refuses to give up the front seat. I guess I'd better get used to the fact that i'm going to be linguistically challenged in both languages, now! :D
Mammarella 5 years ago
Oh my, French! Ha-ha! I took it for four years :D

Once, during oral English exam in college, I was having this lovely, lovely discussion with a substitute professor (French, knew very little English).
At some point the dude and I became aware of one of the other teachers gaping at us, the third lady tugging at her sleeve "hey, what's wrong?" It was the language we spoke - French!
The funny thing was that neither three of us (that third lady was fluent in both French and English) realized it until my English teacher asked "Am I in the wrong room?"
The French dude was so disappointed "damn, just as I started to think my english isn't all that bad!'

Brain freeze is the scariest thing - happens to me, too. Also, if I speak Russian first thing in the morning, in messes me up for the day :/ For some reason it's easier to switch from English to Russian than the other way around.
Ilhem 5 years ago
What a disappointment for the poor guy! :D