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Debbie's Spurts 5 years ago
I know. One group wanted to shush me when all I said about amazon was that I remembered to borrow my prime kindle owner's lending library book and to look at the kindle firsts for June.
Mammarella 5 years ago
It's beyond ridiculous!

This is my comment:
"I buy from Amazon if I must, I borrow, since they and B&N are the only ones who lend, and I never turned down a free or a 0.99 deal.
I also find epub a much better, more flexible and by far the friendliest format out there."

What is wrong with t? O.o

And pinterest? I had a couple of naked guy pics by Justin Monroe. If it were naked girls, people would be lining up to repin them.
Ami's Hoard 5 years ago
I don't really understand -- you mean people not liking you talk about Amazon??
Mammarella 5 years ago
Exactly. People just don't like others mentioning the very word.... "just in case". *shrugs*
Ilhem 5 years ago
I guess that people are scared to be banned from GR. It proved to be a very effective punishment, it seems...
Mammarella 5 years ago
I don't understand their loyalty to this dictatorship. However, you'd be surprised how many people don't realize that there are options out there.