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KindleRomance 6 years ago
Me too, but since I've bought 100's of m/m books that I haven't read yet, I hope I don't change my mind:-) I will read something else by a special author, but it's usually PNR. I'm looking forward to the newest book by C.L. Wilson coming out - Winter King. But I'm a bit leery starting a book in of her series. I feel like I need to wait until it's complete since it will probably take 3-5 years. My memory can't keep up with that. Sorry I got off topic:-)
Mammarella 6 years ago
Nope, nope, all good! I feel the same about the series. My friend, that I have just introduced to m/m has already read "Shattered Glass" and all of the available "Cut & Run" series. And then she laughs at me because I still haven't touched them. Well, what's the point if I have to re-read them every time a new book comes out? O.o

Glad you are with me on m/m wagon. But I do feel jealous at times. So many wonderful books out there... *sigh*
KindleRomance 6 years ago
I agree - more books than I'll ever have time to read. I also bought several hundred m/f paperbacks that I refuse to give up in case my tastes change. I keep promising myself that I'll try to read at least 1/month just so I can start to clean out the closet they are in. But it hasn't happened yet. lol:-)
Mammarella 6 years ago
Oh... we're so much alike =) I add to my library constantly, but never touch the books. Maybe my kids will read them some day? lol
Stumbling Over Chaos 6 years ago
I don't think you're alone. :) I'm still reading pretty much entirely m/m (although in the form of hockey rpf fanfiction), with the occasional nonfiction book tossed in.
I go through stages when I pretty much only want to read one thing. I read almost entirely military science fiction for a few years, and then I slowly lost interest. I've had cosy English mystery stages and techno-thriller stages too. I will say that my M/M stage has lasted quite a long time - four years - and I am guessing I will always read them. But I am also guessing my interests will branch out again. So maybe you are like me?
Mammarella 6 years ago
I had stages just like you. And then I didn't read anything for a looong time, like a couple of years :(

But then I discovered yaoi manga, which turned into m/m and now I've been reading m/m exclusively for 6 years.

Funny, how I've had this particular urge since high school. Never read a true m/f romance save for Romeo and Juliet. Bromance it was if I could help it. So this is pretty much like coming home for me.

Before m/m, though, I did like cozy mysteries: Hercule Poirot and Agatha Christie and (not so cozy) Dick Francis. Love sci-fi, too, and here Melissa Scott surprised the hell out of me by testing m/m waters :D Fantasy, of course: Terry Pratchett and Tolkien and other great ones. Tolkien I still re-read, because - NO GIRL COOTIES! =)
Bark at the Ghouls 6 years ago
I wish I could read a genre exclusively and would love to be well read in one or two genres. I get bored too quickly and have to jump around all over the place.
Mammarella 6 years ago
It used to happen to me a lot. But then I found m/m and LGBT literature and though there are, sadly, no classic works (and I love old authors madly), I am very happy. It still presents a variety of options - from biography to sci-fi and from political thrillers to adult fairy tales.