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Ever :-)
Monica Hughes, Rhianna Frater, Stephenie Meyer, and Charlaine Harris are four that have swept me away. But honestly, it's Stephenie Meyer who has swet my EMOTIONS away. Yes, I am a Twilight fan and I admit it. :-)
ah ok. Hmmm well then. Jane Austen,Diana Wynne Jones.Terry Pratchett, and some more. I cant mention all lol.

Well its nothing wrong with being a Twilight fan,no matter if other people remark on it. I gave the first book 3 stars it was an ok book. But didnt care for the rest in the series. A lot of people love them though.

But the thing doesnt matter if other people dont like your favorite books as long as you love them rigth? :)
That is so true. Not everyone will like every book (or author). What struck me so with Twilight is that I got sucke din tears, laughter, serious ANGER, etc. I am an avid reader and that had really never happened to me before. It'snow what I stive to accomplish as an author myself.
If a book does that it means it touched you. I feel anger when I read a bad book though :P

What do you write?
Horror and erotic romance (and a combination of both). A bit of paranormal.
Horretica? lol

Ok I see. There are some that arent bad in that genre.