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BrokenTune 4 years ago
Hi Mark, did we set a date for the Arendt buddy read?

I hope TA sees this too, but I'll probably message her also.

Given that BL is painfully slow, is this still the best forum? The answer may be yes, but I wanted to ask.
Didn't we say July 14 -- and if we did, is that date still good for everybody?

I'm going to be posting about this here and (by extension) on Wordpress ... but I don't have any objections against moving the actual discussion to another forum. (Including -- big sigh -- GR. Or Librarything, if we can figure out a way to set up a book discussion there.)
markk 4 years ago
July 14 works for me. I'm fine with discussing it here, though TBH I'm not sure how to go about it. I managed discussion forums on Shelfari and Leafmarks, but I've never tried to do so on this site. Do we want to set up a group for it, or should we just post on our blogs and comment on them?
In past buddy reads in which I've participated here (including the pandemic buddy reads, in which a whole group of people took part), we basically just commented on each others' reading status reports and reviews -- that has always worked better than any attempt at setting up formal group discussions.

THAT SAID, even with BL now back in operation (at least after a fashion and for the time being), after the most recent, several-day-long down time it might be wise to move the discussion to Goodreads -- I'd suggest either in the BookLIkes "home away from home" group, "The Outpost" ( ) or in the "(Mostly) Dead Writers Society" ( ), which seems to have become a second "home away from home" for BL'ers in the past week or so.

BT and Mark, what do you think?
BrokenTune 4 years ago
I really don't trust BL to be up and at a workable speed to facilitate a BR and I hate to say it but GR seems like a much better option. Either the Outpost or the DWS would work.

Actually, in terms of discussion posts, LibraryThing would work, too, as we could set up a discussion in Talk, but I am really not bothered. At this point, the DWS and The Outpost seem like excellent groups and it would be easy enough to have the BR there as we are all already familiar with GR.
markk 4 years ago
Given the latest issues, it's probably best to move over to Goodreads. TBH I'm not a fan of LibraryThing, as so far I'm finding it a user-unfriendly site.
BrokenTune 4 years ago
GR then?
Yes -- in "The Outpost"?
BrokenTune 4 years ago
Sounds good.
Great, I am looking forward to this!