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Jenny Schwartz 8 years ago
I love the round turret thing (my architectural knowledge is lacking!). Great design. A touch of Art Deco?
Yes!! The architects have done a wonderful job of designing this gorg state of the art building. Trust me!! If you couldve seen what WAS there. IT. IS. A. BIG. CHANGE!! And, i spent a lot of my afternoon walks at the old site. Can't wait to have my library back in place!! I'm going to see if i can find an old pic of library. You will see. It's kinda funny. I live in a very small community but I love it!! (About 25 mins from Baton Rouge and an hour and half from New Orleans. I am in the heart of Cajun Country, mais cher!! (french term of endearment) That being said, I AM NOT ONE OF THOSE CRAZY NUTS that tv portrays most people from Louisiana. I'm just a normal person. I don't hunt alligators, (I do see them in the lake) and I don't speak anything like the people on tv do. (Altho, lots of people around here do and I do a wonderful impression. lol.) I just feel like tv portrays Louisianians as complete country bumpkins. MOST of us ARE NOT!! I doubt you get reality tv programs about us nuts from Louisiana BUT some of you will know what I'm talking about.
I also do a fantastically,brilliant Aussie accent. Now ya know!! Yup. I'm pretty clever like that. lol.
Jenny Schwartz 8 years ago
I look forward to hearing your Aussie accent one day :)

The closest I've been to your corner of the world is NCIS New Orleans! I know, it's probably wildly untrue, but the city and country look gorgeous!
lol. Our country is beautiful and I've never watched NCIS New Orleans. I know the show, I just gave up on it after it branched out so much. I was NCIS'ed out!! New Orleans is one of my favorite places on earth!!!! Nothing like New Orleans!!! The food in Louisiana is delicious. I can cook a pretty mean gumbo too!! (chicken and sausage in a roux!!) YUM!!
Jenny Schwartz 8 years ago
I really want to make gumbo. I think I'll have to find a recipe and go for it!
I will send you mine!! As soon as football game is over, I can send you my recipe. It's so good!! Really easy!!
Jenny Schwartz 8 years ago
That would be great -- after the football game :)