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Jenny Schwartz 7 years ago
Weird structure to the plot. Not my cup of tea, either :)
I know you're full-throttle into writing @ this moment, but have u read this? I was so bored. Wanted to poke my eyes out. Not to mention, I think I'm in the minority on this one when I say that I did not enjoy the writing. Seemed like run-on thoughts and I couldn't figure out where one person's thoughts ended and the other's began. Had high hopes for this one. Meh. I don't recommend it. And I need to get firm with myself about just letting go of a book. Daily affirmations from now on; it's quite ok to ditch a book mid-read!
Jenny Schwartz 7 years ago
No, I haven't read it. I'm mostly re-reading at the moment. Can't do without books, but can't focus on something new and challenging.

But run-on thoughts? *ewww*

Sadly, yeah, I've discovered that I do occasionally have to leave a book unfinished these days. There are just so many, why punish ourselves with those that don't work for us?
Ewwww is right! I'd heard such wonderful things about the author's writing. First, to clarify, yes! Her writing is lyrical and poetic. She is a fabulous writer! But I didn't understand why the conclusion came in PART 2 of a four part book. *insert Twilight Zone music* It kinda made reading the rest of the story pointless. Honestly, I'm working on my habit of torturing myself to complete books that need not be finished. I just feel rude if an author or publisher has sent me a book I requested and I don't finish, ya know. The ying/yang of that is, perhaps they'd prefer I ditch it instead of writing a critical review, which I HATE doing. That said, if I were an author, I'd be appreciative of all reviews. Criticism could be a great learning curve. Jenny, as an author, do you take negative criticism personally OR do you store this knowledge for future writing, keeping in mind what the readers did not like or various suggestions? Obviously, this question refers only to realistic gripes of readers, not the spiteful reviewers who have zero writing experience. (Ya know, those hateful Internet trolls with a bag of nasty comments!! *Double Ewwwww*)

Good luck with writing, sweet Jenny. May your pen never run out of ink! ♡
Jenny Schwartz 7 years ago
I love criticism in reviews. I know some authors don't, but I'm always a bit in awe of reviewers who gift their time and expertise and offer crit that even professional editors have missed! That's gold -- and definitely helps with future books. That said, I know reviews are written for readers not authors, but knowing that only makes me more appreciative. There are amazingly generous and kind people in the reading world.

I love "may your pen never run out of ink!" -- that's as great as a never-ending chocolate box :)
Ha! I'm clever like that. And, yes! There are great readers out there. :)
Thanks for the review. I appreciate a non-recommendation. Too many books, too little time.

How did you make such a love background for your page?
Hello, Injoy!! Thanks for the follow. I appreciate new followers. I try to be a decent blogger but I'm only a year in to blogging and because I love to read so much, I tend to get lazy with my blog. I don't know how people manage to create such beautifully artistic blogs. I have such respect for them. Non-bloggers will never understand the effort put into blogging. I hope to become more knowledgeable about blogging as time goes by. I do enjoy it and I review every book I read. I'd love to create a full blown blog with a variety of thoughts, etc. However, right now I'm learning and quite enjoying all of the great new blogs I find. Yours included.

Sadly, I do not recommend this book to anyone. You are correct. Too many great books out there to waste a single moment. This book was, unfortunately, very boring. Do move on!

Lastly, to answer your question: As I mentioned earlier, I'm a fairly new blogger and when I created my Booklikes blog I needed something easy. But easy was boring so I purchased this design from . It is lovely, isn't it?! I bought a few from Parajunkie, who also has a Booklikes blog you can follow and check out her other designs. I quite like them all.

Again, thank you for following. I look forward to reading, reviewing, and blogging in your good company. I sincerely apologize for the delayed response. Have a great day! :-)
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