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Murder by Death 6 years ago
Can this be read as a stand-alone, do you think?
Well, you could but you would miss all of the references to the first and not understand La Lune, which is rather important.
But it doesn't really give anything away about the first book. It just doesn't explain La Lune very much at all in the second. Just skims it, which is rather disappointing. Another factor that lost a star rating with me. Forgot to point that out. Was very tired when I wrote this. Its a terribly lazy review but I just don't have it in me tonight.
Murder by Death 6 years ago
Don't stress it - your 'terribly lazy' review totally hooked me. :) The only reason I asked about the stand-alone aspect is it sounded like the first book had a black magic focus, and that doesn't interest me.
Well, if that's the case, you could probably read this one and still enjoy it. If you liked it, you could always go back to the first. Thanks for liking my review, even at my laziest. ;)
Hooked on Books 6 years ago
Oh wow I did not realize this was book 2 until your review. I'm glad now I didn't request the ARC. Lol I've been wanting to read it but I'll have to check out book one first. Nice review btw! : )
Thanks! Yes! It is a series & as I mentioned, the whole of the story and it's beginning may be better understood from the start. Book One was great but I really preferred this storyline over the first. All of the historical details are fascinating. I love stories that take place in Paris during earlier times.