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Murder by Death 2 years ago
Look at that gorgeous feline - he is so beautiful!
Thank you! Archie is as lovable and sweet as he is cute. He has a sister named Evie who is an absolute clown. It's like having twin toddlers. Ragdolls are notbyour average cat. They're very much like dogs and follow me around like puppies. They're also as demanding as a three year old. But, they're my babies, so they tend to be spoiled rotten.

On another note, I apologize for my delayed response. Louisiana is currently in crisis mode. Severe flooding, well over 20" of rain in 24 hours. Severe flooding in our parish and many neighboring parishes. Thankfully, although we live across street from Bayou Teche (pronounced Tesh), we we able to stay dry. The only thing we lost was power & internet access, hence my delayed response. Waiting on service rep to take a look at our cabel/internet. Havent had much luck with connection so I'm sure the rain/wind has something to do with that. Unfortunately, my nephew's home was severely flooded and they list both vehicles. Many were forced to evacuate and live in safe shelters. Reminiscent of Hurricane Katrina, minus the heavy winds. However, we are accustomed to this weather and Louisianians always bounce back. Cajun folk are resilient. :)

Murder by Death 2 years ago
Glad to hear your all ok, if not completely dry. I hope your nephew doesn't face too many unnecessary hurdles getting everything straightened out and repaired/replaced.

We have a ragdoll too, Carlito, and he is exactly as you say - an adorable clown; he follows my husband EVERYWHERE, and runs to the door to greet him every day, chattering at him non-stop. He likes me, but he's certain it's the husband who is responsible for hanging the sun in the sky. I'm totally ok with this, because it means that I'm not the one he tries to wake up before dawn every morning (he uses one or more of the following, while sitting on MT's nightstand: head butting, meowing in his ear, or the one I find most maniacal/adorable, licking MT's nose).
A fellow Ragdoll parent!! Carlito. Love the name! He sounds as if he'd be a tough guy but beings he's a Raggie, I know he's just a bundle of fluffy cuddles. Lots of chuckles as I read your description. Just last night, I told my husband I was looking forward to bedtime bcuz I needed my own space. Both kitties made sure to stick like glue to me yesterday, again, like naughty toddlers. If I eat, they want to taste it. Going outside? Archie will trip you running for the door, which is a no-no bcuz neither are allowed outside unsupervised. I don't even have to explain their antics while I'm reading. Imagine every cat-book pic (kitty disturbing a great book) you've seen online and multiply by two. My husband is like you. He's just glad it's me they devour. What color is Carlito? Archie is mitted. Evie is Seal point.

Thanks for well wishes. Much appreciated. Lemme say we're still suffering through sluggish internet service; provider has yet to make an appearance, but given those that are truly suffering, I hate to complain. Just want to explain my belated response/lack of posts. It's STILL raining here but the water has started to recede. -

Murder by Death 2 years ago
Carlito is, I think the term is, a chocolate point. You can see his (currently ratty) face here:

He is a sweetie - he tried to look all grumpy and complains a lot, but really he's the biggest softie we have. He's going to the groomers sometime next week and he'll be much more presentable and comfortable (we get his belly and his backside shaved down to avoid mats).