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I liked this but I thought it was lazy and not as funny as it could have been.
feeding the swarm 5 years ago
count me as another "myeh, sorta funny, but not too funny".
Books 'n Stuff 5 years ago
After ten years in the military I can sort of relate to the premise you talked about. I remember waking up in a tent in Mosul, Iraq with a 1SG outside yelling 'I NEED BODIES' at 530 am (his colloquial way of letting everyone know he had something that he needed someone to do), or riding around with a contractor who could barely speak english watching his crew clean out port a potties on a staggeringly hot Iraq day (followed by eating lunch that he brought with him because you don't want to offend him and getting violently sick for several days because of it). Anyway, experiences like this do teach you to avoid whenever possible members of the chain of command.